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For more than 30 years, the team at TeligentEMS has produced electronic printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs), subassembly modules and box build units for a diverse group of customers with demanding requirements including:
  • Radio Frequency (RF) technology
  • Mission critical applications (medical, military, transportation)
  • Complex functional test and test system development
  • Hostile environment applications (ex. intrinsically safe, corrosive, high moisture, multiple g-force )

We Provide our Customers:

  • Supply Chain Integrity:
    • Traceability of components and assemblies
    • Counterfeit part avoidance and mitigation
    • Strong focus on regulatory compliance
  • Proven Solutions:
    • Robust new product introduction (NPI) process
    • Product life cycle management / obsolescence
    • Identification and resolution of issue root cause

How We Do It:

  • Understand your requirements (Management and Program Team)
    • Listen to your requirements and understand your end customer demand trends
    • If we can not add value, we will let you know; business fit is key for mutual success
    • Tailor program support to your needs
  • Customize the supply chain (Supply Chain)
    • Optimize AVL (approved vendor list) to address any cost, quality or obsolescence issues
    • Utilize Lean manufacturing principles in supply chain alignment to maximize flexibility
    • Procure globally utilizing our International Procurement Office (IPO) to minimize cost
  • Execute the core processes (Manufacturing and Engineering)
    • Cross-trained, experienced team
    • Critical processes monitored in real-time
    • Continually focus on improving efficiencies and minimizing defect opportunities through application of Lean manufacturing principles
  • Integrate all functions (Information Technology and Quality Assurance)
    • Integrated information technology utilizing proprietary and third party software
    • Provide immediate and accurate information
    • Streamline communications with suppliers and customers