At TeligentEMS, our program management philosophy is simple. You can’t manage what you can’t measure. That is why our program management team has access to both our Possible X suite of real-time production management tools and our TeligentEMS Purchase Order Tracking System (TPOTS).

Your program manager will work with your team to develop a realistic forecast. The program manager also works with your assigned program team to ensure your requirements for new product introduction schedule, production qualification, material transition and/or procurement, quality and delivery are met. Our real-time Possible-X and TPOTS tools ensure that program management has visibility into potential issues early enough to initiate corrective actions in most cases before they impact deliveries.

Our strong systems focus also makes it easy to customize reporting to your requirements and do “what if” analyses on the impact of engineering change orders (ECOs) or schedule changes.

At TeligentEMS we understand the needs of our customers for cost competitive, flexible order fulfillment solutions.