At TeligentEMS, our supply chain management strategy focuses on lowering material cost by combining global procurement expertise and real-time proprietary management information systems to minimize transactions and lead-time, while maximizing materials integrity and ensuring an efficient data collection process that meets our stringent customer requirements.

Key System Elements

  • A focus on lowest cost of ownership that includes EOQ calculations, inventory turn analysis, suggested alternate sources of supply and regular supplier performance reviews
  • Use of industry-standard tools to automatically perform bill of materials (BOM) scrubbing and part OBS checks, as well as track Conflict Minerals status by BOM
  • An international purchasing office (IPO) in Asia that supports a global procurement focus
  • A commodity management approach that ensures competitive costs, appropriate lot sizes and minimal lead-time on fabricated parts such as PCBs, customer cables, molded plastics, cast aluminum, custom extruded aluminum, fabricated sheet metal parts, custom magnetics, fasteners and enclosures
  • A focus on minimized transactions with strategic suppliers via MRPshare  
  • Secure onsite storage for high value parts and dedicated inventory locations for all customers
  • Real-time visibility into material status utilizing the TeligentEMS Purchase Order Tracking System (TPOTs) which enables our team to rapidly identify and address exceptions early
  • A robust process for counterfeit prevention that conforms to AS5553 and membership in the Government-Industry Data Exchange Program (GIDEP)
  • The ability to automatically collect mandated compliance data related to RoHS, Conflict Minerals, etc., as required by customers
  • ITAR registered

  • Real-time systems for inventory control
  • Real-time tracking of kit status
  • Automated material storage systems

TeligentEMS has developed a cradle-to-grave Component Engineering function designed to assist our customers in both, managing and optimizing their BOM (bill of material) and AVL (approved vendor list) throughout all phases of the product life cycle. Our focus includes:
  • Prevention:  early stage involvement by Component Engineering to assure initial BOMs and AVLs are optimally established to avoid sole source situations and improve component cost and availability.
  • Reaction:  ability to provide alternative component recommendations to address end-of-life (EOL) or extremely long component lead-times.
  • Last time buy:  inevitably there will be situations where the component manufacturer discontinues a key component forcing a last time buy decision.  Our proprietary, flexible ERP system ensures we can manage last-time-buy requirements for both the present and future demand
TeligentEMS proactively works to minimize the risk of counterfeit components by assuring all parts are procured directly from the OEM or their approved distributors. Our incoming inspection process includes visual confirmation that part numbers, description, appearance and packaging conform to the part ordered. Our GIDEP membership helps ensure we receive timely information on known counterfeit trends. Early stage involvement by Component Engineering assures initial BOMs and AVLs are optimally established to avoid sole source situations and enhance supply chain availability options.

With long lifecycle products, there may be situations where deviation from approved supply chain sources is required to procure a specific component from the secondary market.  In such cases, the customer is notified for pre-approval and to establish the inspection/test parameters for that specific case. When the situation warrants it, we can perform BGA de-balling and re-balling and XRF for Pb-detection, and non-destructive or destructive component test and analysis.