At TeligentEMS, integrity is a key part of our business DNA. We believe that strong relationships and a committed, well-trained team are integral to providing superior solutions to the challenges our customers face. We believe that commitments matter. We also believe that there is a strong relationship between quality of workforce and the investments a business is willing to make in the communities from which the workforce is drawn. Our values include:

There Needs to Be Business Fit: Outsourcing is a complex process and it is difficult for any one electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider to be the right fit for every project. If we aren’t a fit for your business, we’ll tell you right away.

Strong Relationships Matter: One of the reasons we have customer tenures that are nearly double the industry average is because we understand partnership. We listen to our customers’ needs and make the investments in continuous improvement and capabilities to grow with them.

We Recognize We Are Part of Our Customers’ Reputations: Our ethics and performance can directly impact our customers’ reputations. We don’t cut corners on regulatory compliance, labor laws, workplace safety, environmental stewardship or supply chain integrity.

We Believe in Performance Transparency: We are so committed to consistently providing on-time delivery of superior products we aren’t afraid to show real-time metrics. Our proprietary Possible-X suite of production management tools monitors production status and quality in real-time. Our commitment to minimizing defect opportunities and providing trends visibility in real-time to associates and management enables us to achieve industry-leading on-time delivery and quality metrics. Visit our factory and you’ll be able to judge for yourself, because the real-time metrics are shown on monitors throughout the production floor. Schedule a sales call and our salesperson can also log into our system and show you exactly how we are doing at that point in time.

Our Associates are our Strongest Competitive Advantage: A cross-trained production associate committed to efficiently delivering a superior quality product is the most valuable asset a company has. Our production team understands just how critical doing a consistently outstanding job is to the people who ultimately use the products they assemble.  In some cases, lives depend on those products. Our internal systems and training programs are designed to give our associates the tools they need to excel in their jobs. Our management team focus is on facilitating rather than managing processes to capitalize on the power of that committed team. Our P-dash system keeps production associates up-to-date on trends in their area and immediate support if they need help on an issue.

We Invest in Training: Geographically, we are located in a community with two nationally-ranked universities and a strong community college. We feel strongly enough about the value of training that we worked with another local defense contractor to jointly develop a Production Technician Certification program at Tallahassee Community College that includes IPC J-Std and IPC-A-610 workmanship standards training along with other key skills training. This program combined with our own internal training programs helps ensure a well-trained labor pool in our region. We are also active with Florida State University’s and Florida A&M University’s engineering programs to ensure availability of degreed engineering talent.

We Believe in Giving Back: We believe we have an obligation to help the community that has helped us grow over the years. Our charitable and community-centered activities include:
  • 100% match of employee contributions to the United Way Campaign
  • Annual donations to local programs including: Toys for Tots, Student Drug & Safety programs, Child Safety programs, Kiwanis Club and school-focused fund-raising drives for trips and sports programs
  • Support for technical programs sponsored by local manufacturing and engineering associations including the Future Manufacturing Leaders Scholarship, Florida State University Scholarships, Tech Grants and support for the FSU College of Engineering Design Project
  • Regularly scheduled blood drives.