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At TeligentEMS, we take a holistic approach to ensuring superior product quality. From a Quality perspective, the EMS environment is controlled chaos because production is a mix of products from a wide range of customers with a wide range of requirements. While defect opportunities can be easily minimized when an EMS provider is able to share manufacturing expertise in the design phase, redesign is often too costly for low volume or legacy product. Our team set out to answer the question, “how can we build superior quality into every product regardless of whether or not design issues are present?”

The result was a multi-pronged strategy that combines 21st century visible factory philosophy with a trust, but verify  focus in production changeover activities that can easily modified as requirements change. Everyone from our CEO to individual production associates can access real-time production status and the quality data that they need to do their jobs via our proprietary Possible-X suite of production management tools. This same system supports the traceability and quality data collection needed for the device history recordkeeping requirements of our mission critical customers. Checklists for the start-up of all critical processes further eliminate defect opportunities.

We’ve also invested strongly in training to develop a cross-trained workforce, committed to ensuring superior quality in everything they do. Our p-Dash system gives our associates the information and tools they need to effectively do their jobs. Our test and inspection strategy is optimized to provide the right mix of test steps to meet your goals at the lowest possible cost. For serialized products we can provide an integrated program/label, test and pack station to ensure robust configuration management.

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