TeligentEMS is in the business of solving customer challenges. We specialize in mission critical, technically complex products that often incorporate radio frequency (RF) communications requirements. Our goal is to listen to your needs and then design a scalable solution that fully addresses those requirements.

We combine an expert team with flexible automation and real-time production status and quality data collection systems. Our supply chain management strategy has both a regional and global focus, ensuring a responsive, cost competitive supply chain for low volume, high mix and higher volume projects.

We support your full product lifecycle from providing manufacturability and/or obsolescence risk mitigation recommendations on the front end through responsively achieving your variable demand, end-of-life requirements on the back end and everything in between.

We measure success in customer tenure. In an industry where customers frequently change contractors every few years, we have an average customer tenure of double the industry average.

Our global procurement and supply chain capabilities, combined with our domestic manufacturing and customer service, have allowed us to provide our customers with value in demanding and diversified customer end-markets.

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